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Subject: Miss me
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jayantee 21.06.11 - 05:51pm
I am missing u all and spending my life boring without u all being offline,due to my study.i miss u my bestfrnds jeeit,gimli,swtchoco,suraj,akhi etc etc.all my buddies r my bestfrnds.i love u and my best wishes r always with u.but i need ur wishes to be successful in my life.missing ur love nw a days.miss me and wish me plz.-i am your loving friend piupriya jayantee sanyal. *

tr00754 21.06.11 - 09:24pm

swtchoco 22.06.11 - 03:00am
Hey Priya dear dont ever feel alone and concentrate on ur studies..
Yes I miss u too..
But, u will be always in my mind..
Study well and make ur career I m with u always swt friend.. rose.GIF for u with hug.GIF *

jeeit 24.06.11 - 03:10pm
Piu ekhan mon diye podo. annya chinta ar korona. Life ta tomar, tomar success sudhu tomar upor depend kore. Amar subho kamona always tomar sathe royeche. *

jeeit 24.06.11 - 03:17pm
Ar miss korle ami tomai call kore nebo . Ok! :) *

jayantee 25.06.11 - 08:56am
Thank you thank you and thank you all. *

gimli 6.07.11 - 10:10am
study hard pia yes miss you to but have been busy to so not a lot of time online x your gim :) *

jayantee 7.07.11 - 10:10am
Miss u 2 my gim *

gimli 27.07.11 - 10:08am
good my dear :) x *

swtchoco 29.11.12 - 03:48pm
I miss your hugs.
I miss your smile.
I miss your laugh.
I miss your voice.
I miss you.
I miss our conversations every morning.
I miss you when I talking about music with you.
I miss when you gave me your sweater.
I miss how I felt completely comfortable around you.
I miss your texts.
I miss you..!!
I miss you a lot day by day.
I miss you when you not with me.
I miss you when you hate me.
I miss you when you ignore me.
I miss you when you say me juz shut up.
I miss you when I see my FB inbox
your msg dont find.
I miss you a lot and a lot when you leave the FB.
I miss you when I cant you care.
I miss you when I hurt you.
I miss you when you msg me and I reply you.
I miss when you trust me.
I cheat with you.
I miss you more and more in night
when you dont chat with me and read my msg.
I miss you when you dont kiss me.
I miss you
I miss you
plz plz come back and make me feel happy.. *

sibbi 30.11.12 - 06:31pm
crying.GIF *

jayantee 1.12.12 - 10:26am
Clap.GIF *

jayantee 1.12.12 - 10:27am
But whom ur missing swtchoco? *

swtchoco 1.12.12 - 03:15pm
Missing you dear..
Thanx for remembering me.. hug.GIF *

jayantee 6.12.12 - 01:11pm
I miss u 2.ur phone sms r nice.where u get such all nice msgs?i like those.u send n i 4wrd 2 others.mwah *

swtchoco 6.12.12 - 01:20pm
oh I am so lucky to hear that and happy for liking my msgs sweetie friend..

sibbi 9.12.12 - 12:40pm
U knw wat jayantee,I respect ur frindshp about swtchoco nd gimli. *

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