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Subject: Friend chat
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joy12345 24.01.11 - 02:07pm
Friends. We will meet here for doing chat. I am joy and i am new here. Please bud me after seeing my profile. *

joy12345 24.01.11 - 02:10pm
Please join me. I like to make new friends. I am decent and have good nature.seeking some girl and boy friends.i have also another purpose to join prodigits.i need a girlfriend.i need true love *

98969896 13.02.11 - 05:27am
shake.GIF hello joy nd all grup is my ist day.nd hope popularity of this grup go high up. *

jayantee 13.02.11 - 05:43am
Welcome *

98969896 13.02.11 - 06:24am
hi2.GIF thanks *

swtchoco 26.06.14 - 02:31am
Kya Fark Hai Dosti Aur
Rehte To Dono Dil Mein Hi Hain
Fark Bas Itna Hai....
Barson Baad Milne Par
Mohabbat Nazar chura leti hai
or dost
sene se lga lete hai.. *

swtchoco 3.07.14 - 01:11am
Cute Friendship..

FeU74RZK8BIZSONZhw93.jpg *

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