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Subject: Office Room
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princ3_1 18.02.11 - 02:29pm
oOk, who deleted swtchcos topic? please tell us truely. Every mod req to reply here. *

princ3_1 18.02.11 - 03:21pm
Can u open a topic for world cup cricket? @ swtchoco *

swtchoco 18.02.11 - 03:31pm
Prince its a great Idea, but, I am unable to follow it cos I will be busy in office all the day time..
If anyone opens my full support and and I try my level best to post nice pix and comments whatever I got knowledge.. I also like cricket bro.. *

princ3_1 18.02.11 - 03:33pm
its start tomorow so we need to open it today. *

98969896 19.02.11 - 12:11pm
hello frnds, hw u all? Hey frnds today i transfer all files into thr suitable folders. If sm 1 see any file into wrong folder then plz transfer that file in to suitable folder *

98969896 19.02.11 - 12:59pm
am delete 1 file bcoz continue two tym that file was uploded *

swtchoco 19.02.11 - 04:10pm
Very good Job bro..
I am very happy.GIF from your folder management and you are requested to delete my folder by transfering files in that to related folders.. *

swtchoco 19.02.11 - 04:11pm
Group is very silent and nobody to chat or reply anything..
So, I started uploading files and the same I am posting in topics.. *

98969896 19.02.11 - 06:27pm
dhuro ko khush dhekna meri purani aadat hai@mr.choco..
when u uplod ur files then plz short clue also ad wd ur t*tle. Eg. N for nature., c for creatures, e for any electric machine,car, bike extra extra,s for saddness,.,extra extra , bcoz wdout open the file we transfer ur file dirkt suitable foldr@ me an any mod hi2.GIF *

jeeit 21.02.11 - 06:12am
. flower.GIF *

jeeit 24.02.11 - 03:05pm
The topic Helpless world of babai.wb are edited and now it is Attendence topic.
Reason - found similer topic . *

jeeit 24.02.11 - 03:20pm
angry3.GIF Where is G4h Albums pix? I want each and every picture of G4h Albums in rite place . Its an order. And I Do Not Touch G4H Alb*m Picture . Its An Property oF GOOD4HEALTH Group. *

jeeit 24.02.11 - 03:29pm
Welcome Our New TZXa43AYrDaVS1uLut5s.gif
rosehip *

jayantee 25.02.11 - 04:36am
Where is swtchoco??? *

swtchoco 25.02.11 - 02:50pm
I am so sorry Priya dear..
Yesterday was my birthday and could not come to group and post anything..
I am extremely sorry..
Hope you are not angry and check the gift topic waiting a gift for you.. *

jayantee 25.02.11 - 04:37pm
Happy birthday 2 you swtchoco...but late wishing *

swtchoco 25.02.11 - 04:43pm
Its ok and thank_you.GIF dear..
How is your studies ?? *

jeeit 26.02.11 - 12:42pm
i told u 989 or what ever ur name dont move g4h albums pic to a separate folder . its difficult to find tht pic but u still move , are vyou blind? re arrange those pic in g4h album. and jayantee check it. after my warning still 989 move g4h alb*m pic to other folder. this tym im really to much angry. *

jeeit 26.02.11 - 12:44pm
From: 98969896
Subject: spl
Message: spl folder? Dnt try to noises sound...
25.02.11 - 08:00pm

for the ref of this msg though i send u msg wana told u i didnt noise u, ok? you done wrong thing so i advise u. thank u. *

swtchoco 26.02.11 - 01:25pm
Bobby bro good evening..
I request pl dont move any files pertains to G4H and its already moved to that folder..
Try to understand the inportance and sentiments of Jeeit bro..
Hope you oblige my request bro..
Advance thanx to you..
Have a nice n joyful weekend.. *

98969896 28.02.11 - 04:38am
happy.GIF GUD MORNING FRNDS....OK! Frnds as u wish hi2.GIF..nd bye hva a nice day @all members and mod....hv a swet nd wrking *

jayantee 28.02.11 - 07:07am
Hello 9896... How are you then? *

jeeit 1.03.11 - 03:59pm
I hvnt tym for this and prince told me he unable to come here again so he excuses to leave. Also For abv i reason i advice to jayantee take 2 new good mod . As per my choice it should be alyana. Req her if she has time then take her. And im upset and disappointed 4 the mods, they just destroyed my creation and my wish and way to improve and get to closer our member. Any way. I left the group hope you can take care the group well . bye . *

jayantee 2.03.11 - 07:19am
Its not understood by me.jeeit,who destroys your creation?ok,let me see. Dont leave group. And @all my mods-dont edit any1s uploaded file or topics without informing me and all other mods. Thank you *

swtchoco 2.03.11 - 10:07am
Good Afternoon Jayantee..
Here is the list of new members of group from last updated..

1. Kajuki19
2. Simasaif
3. Aryan.k8
4. Aamir0077
5. Polok_bd
6. Samir26m
7. Rajivk
8. Noman25

My hearty welcome.GIF to all new friends.. friends.GIF *

gimli 3.03.11 - 02:10pm
am not in list lol hmmm *

swtchoco 3.03.11 - 03:34pm
welcome.GIF back Jeeit as MOD and I am very happy.GIF bro.. *

jayantee 3.03.11 - 04:12pm
Welcome dude *

swtchoco 4.03.11 - 02:52pm
Yeow new friend welcome.GIF and have a nice time.. *

swtchoco 4.03.11 - 02:58pm
hello.GIF to all new member friends in group..
My hearty welcome.GIF to each and every friend..

1. John163
2. Yas 29
3. Jeeit
4. Rajesh_n
5. Aappkk
6. Ian_lee1
7. Deci9
8. Yeow

I Love You all friends friends.GIF *

jayantee 7.03.11 - 03:19am
Yahoo... 100topics 100memberz *

swtchoco 7.03.11 - 03:36am
wow.. congrats.GIF and rose.GIF for in this happy moment cheers.GIF hurray.GIF *

jeeit 7.03.11 - 01:07pm
cheers.GIF jayantee and all member! We get next star very soon!! *

bipin_k 8.03.11 - 09:33am
For Good Health, we should learn how to avoid bad effects of electromagnetic radiation. I am taking benefit of one nano technology Product. And is very useful. Those who wants to know in detail may message me . *

jeeit 8.03.11 - 01:54pm
welcome.GIF bipin!!!!!!!!! we will be glad if u posted your preceous topic here!!!!!! *

jeeit 11.03.11 - 12:35pm
I ban piya4uluv as he ais not a girl, he is a male hide in girl id. *

swtchoco 11.03.11 - 01:38pm
Good job jeeit.. Keep it up.. *

jayantee 14.03.11 - 06:05am
I AM NOT COMING FROM TOMORROW.TAKE CARE OF MY GROUP. And also wait for my new profile *

hotguy24 15.03.11 - 03:15am
ok jayantee take care of ur health and study well.

Sure and curious to see ur new pix. *

98969896 15.03.11 - 04:20am
good2.GIF gud luck 4r ur exams..nd dnt wry about ur sweat grup..dont try to cm here due to ur exams. Becoz its good 4r ur health. *

swtchoco 15.03.11 - 06:42am
you are right 9896 bro..
Yes Jayantee dont worry and we will take care..

Thanx Hotguy lol.. *

swtchoco 30.03.11 - 04:22am
where are you all friends and MODs of the group ??? *

jeeit 10.04.11 - 04:15am
Sllave4f banned by me as I find his nature erotic and vulgar in Adult Chat room .
Thank you. *

jeeit 26.04.11 - 05:13pm
All mods and members are requested to visit g4h 4 atleast 5 min per day and reply or make new topic if possible. It is an request , plz support us. Thank you :) *

swtchoco 26.04.11 - 05:15pm
I agree with you Jeeit bro and your concern about the group..
As for as I am concerned I am here everyday without absent even one day..
I try to be here ore time provided anyone come and post and sure I will reply and active here.. *

jeeit 26.04.11 - 05:17pm
I knw it Sweetchoco. :) *

princ3_1 26.04.11 - 05:26pm
Dhan tan na... Mai agaya... *

jeeit 2.05.11 - 02:16pm
Frienjain hasbeen bannd as his nature found not good in chat. Thank u. *

jeeit 3.05.11 - 05:32am
200post by me . cheers.GIF *

jayantee 3.05.11 - 06:40am
Thanks dear *

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